Rock Climbing Programme 2018

Alba Mountaineering's rock courses are all based in Fort William, in the shadow of Ben Nevis Britain’s highest mountain where there is some of the best rock climbing in the country. From valley crags in Glen Nevis to the mountain crags of GlenCoe and the Ben. Alba Mountaineering runs a full rock climbing instructional programme.

We offer two grades of rock climbing instructional courses. The courses usually last for five days although week-end courses can be arranged at most times.

What the course includes:

* Five days instruction out on the crags.

* All technical equipment is provided as part of the courses.

* Transport during the week.

* Accommodation arranged on request

The programme below is our main climbing programme. We can also organise individual trips for individuals and small groups for the day, week-ends or five day courses. In fact just about any route you have a desire to climb we can help you with.

If our dates do not suit you, please give us a call or email and see if we can organise a trip just for you or your group.

Introduction to Rock Climbing.

A solid introduction to the skills and grades of rock climbing in all its forms. Covering equipment selection, rope work, belaying techniques, runner placements and route selection. All done out in the hills, initially in Glen Nevis an ideal area to start climbing, with very user friendly rock. Then other crags in the area including GlenCoe and Ben Nevis.

Maximum Ratio 1 : 3

Course only £ 500.00

Dates on request

Classic Mountain Rock

Fort William is an ideal base to tackle some of the best mountain rock routes in the country. Many appear in the book 'Classic Rock'. A little rock climbing experience of climbs at V.Diff level would be useful. Instruction in equipment selection, rope work, belaying techniques, runner placements and route selection will be undertaken un-route and clients will be encouraged to lead sections if they so desire. Routes such as Agag’s Groove on the Buchaille in GlenCoe and Ardverikie Wall are two possible routes as well as a route on the Ben.

Maximum Ratio 1 : 2

Course Only £ 650.00

Dates on request

Equipment. All technical equipment is provided as part of the week. Course members are encouraged however to use their own personal equipment if they have it, as this provides a good method of familiarization in a variety of situations. A full equipment list will be sent on confirmation of your booking.

Rock Climbing Accommodation. Rock Climbing courses are offered 'course only' but we can offer two accommodation options the usual comfortable Bed and Breakfast option and a self catering option. On request.

Technical days

Ever wondered what you would do in the event of something going wrong? If you have been lead climbing for a while and are happy with all the ropework involved this day course will give you the tools and confidence to tackle more committing climbs, safe in the knowledge that you can sort yourself out if it goes wrong.

Topics covered:

Core rescue skills such as tying off your belay plate, using different prussick knots plus prussicking, multi pitch abseil retreats using an autoblock and abseiling past a knot.
Simple pulley systems to aid a stuck second, rescuing a stuck second and rescuing a stuck leader

Maximum Ratio 1 : 2

Course Only £ 180.00 per day